At JAS Worldwide, we’re always looking for qualified people to join our team. For over 35 years, our employees have enjoyed both the satisfaction that comes from contributing to the success of a rapidly growing company, and being rewarded for a job well done.

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Job Postings

Accounting / Finance Management / Senior Positions
Administration Ocean Services / Operations
Air Services / Operations Sales / Marketing
Compliance Training
Customs Brokerage Warehouse / Trucking
Human Resources Other
I.T. & Computer Support
ShowRegion Asia Pacific- 1 Job Available.

Careers with JAS Forwarding USA


At JAS Worldwide, we know that the excellent reputation we have with our customers is the direct result of the hard work of our employees. Behind every contact with our company, and underpinning every aspect of a forwarding transaction, is a dedicated individual who is responsible for upholding the exceptional standard of quality we strive to maintain. 


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