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Customer Spotlight: Maranello Motorsport 

Maranello Motorsport is Australia's leading Ferrari Motorsport company with the worldwide resources to do everything from finding a used Formula One car in which to train drivers, to racing a Ferrari GT3 in the Australian GT Championship.

 Maranello relies heavily upon JAS Forwarding to meet the demanding deadlines faced by a championship motorsport team. Mark Coffey, Managing Director of Maranello Motorsport explains, “Motor racing is a very competitive and demanding sport and when you need something you usually need it fast with a lot at stake. This can be a challenge considering our location down here in Melbourne.”

The Ferraris and other high-end cars raced by Maranello are moved all over the world under extraordinary time-frames, something that very few forwarders in the world can accomplish with the precision of the JAS Motorsport group. In just the past six months, JAS has delivered Maranello racecars to Australia from Milan, London, Zurich, Brazil, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Deborah Robinson, JAS Motorsport & Event Logistics Business Development Manager, describes just how crucial this relationship is; “Usually when Mark Coffey calls, he has recently added to his stable of drivers and owners that Maranello Motorsport manage or he has just secured a race vehicle in Europe for a client here in Australia.”

The Maranello Ferarri 458 on the course

When that call comes in, Deborah and the JAS team move into action. “We decide, based on dimensions and origin of the vehicle, the best airlines to contact for the most competitive rate and most importantly, service,” Robinson explains. “We take into consideration the type of aircraft the airline is operating, whether it’s a freighter service where the vehicle will ride on the main deck or whether we can fit it onto the lower deck on a passenger aircraft.”

Robinson and her JAS team are proud of their 15 year association with Maranello Motorsport, a company that grew out of the successful Prancing Horse Racing team, formed in the late '90s to enter Australia's then premier sports car racing series, Nations Cup. Under Coffey, Prancing Horse Racing's star drivers have won many races in Ferrari GT racecars.

In 2004, Maranello Motorsport took on the international GT community and won the inaugural Bahrain GT Festival with a Ferrari 550GT raced by Le Mans 24 Hours winner, David Brabham, and FIA GT star Alllan Simonsen. Simonsen also won the Australian GT Championship title in 2007 racing a Ferrari 360GT and 430 GT3.

Prancing Horse Racing was also renowned for importing a Grand Prix-winning Ferrari Formula One car direct from Ferrari's customer racing division in Italy, beginning a close relationship with the Ferrari factory that continues to this day. In recent years, Maranello Motorsport has expanded its operations to include road and racecar sales and service, specializing in Ferraris and European exotics.

With a race team this active, the pressure to move its cars is both frequent and intense. “We had an urgent air freight requirement last year that had to coincide with our 12 hour race campaign and 3 New Ferrari race cars from Brazil,” Coffey said. He continued, “A recent air freight of a Ferrari GT3 Race car out of Scotland had to get here in Melbourne within a 5 day window.” With this kind of schedule and the value of the cars involved, it’s no wonder that Maranello relies on JAS Motorsport and Event Logistics for their valuable cargo moves.

“We consider Deborah and JAS Motorsport to be a very important part of our team”, Coffey told us. This level of partnership is what sets JAS Forwarding Worldwide apart as a leading logistics and freight forwarder; people like Deborah Robinson, and customers like Maranello Motorsport.

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